"We just received the HUGE box of goodies and loved the wonderful presentation in your big blue box. When we opened it, we even enjoyed how good it smelled! We love the goodies, the hand-crafted ornaments, the tea, the cookbook, the fudge, the popcorn, the coasters...We LOVE IT ALL!!! We're so happy to have your packages be the delivery gifts to our new home owners! Thank you! "

-Dwan Johnson, Client Care Coordinator, Ryan Hill Realty

A Thoughtful Gift

Lu Ann Specialties creates unique gifts of carefully selected items made by Midwestern artisans and producers.  Our gifts are available for any occasion and can be customized for special events.  Our collections are assembled by the clients at Abilities Plus, a not-for-profit organization located in Kewanee, Illinois that serves individuals with developmental disabilities.

Contact Us

Contact Lu Ann Specialties

To start a gift program that will thrill your clients, call or email me. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Phone: 331-444-2146

Email: info@luannspecialties.com

Add a Personal Touch

We can customize products just for you! You can also choose the items you like, creating gift collections for family and friends, special clients or employees. Include a meaningful and heartfelt message with your gift.